Friday, August 3, 2018

Carbon Warming is Dead, Bring on Particulate Cooling


This was my comment on the Guardian.  It will get very harsh treatment.

What the heck? Arctic ice is building up again. Global temperatures are going down, if we look at the tail end of the curve, like this article does. We see here, more physics proposed without a tested mechanism. It would be extremely easy to test all these mechanisms with lasers and balloons, but nobody does it. By the end of year, these trends will have continued, and somebody will say that carbon warming induces particulate cooling. All without a tested mechanism, following the Scientific Method.

However, they do bring out the tail end of the curve for the ice.

They are preparing for the end of the warming cycle, laying in the paving stones for a new mechanism.  Nasa will continue to say they were never wrong, but that particulates are winning.  This is a big win for them.  :)

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