Sunday, April 2, 2017

Trump inciting violence


I'm limiting myself to a tiny fraction of my morbid attraction to trumpy news.  Everybody in Canada has this disease right now.  In fact, for the last few days we've been dying because of the lack something truly outrageous.  Or, as addicts, we crave ever greater hits.

So, I dug this up.  This is all about tone and situation.  Did Trump really say "Ok, Klan people, beat the shit out of them and drag their dead bodies out of here."  Or, the defense version of "Please kindly suggest another location for their protest."  I think he can plead insanity.  :)


ps.  Please note that I am no longer obscuring his name to avoid search engines, since I am no longer afraid of him.  :)  I've done my States trip for the year.

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