Sunday, April 2, 2017

Letter to the Toronto Police

Dear Police,  a few days ago, a big contract-er, whom everybody thought was a contractor, was hit by a contractee, with a single bullet to the head.  That was just around the corner.

You went around the whole neighbourhood asking if anybody had any video.  I am now proposing that you give me an annual grant to run video from the house.  This would be a nifty 'starlight' video on a two day rotating file.  We are getting fiber to the home, and this would be a great use for it, if you want the video directly.

It would be only looked at if there is another contract.  We are full of contracters in big monster houses, and I'm sure there is a potential for more of this.  Maybe again in 20 years.

Now, I'm terrible in dealing with stupid people, who have all the money, so just give me the money and I'll figure things out.  Maybe you actually have a smart person, or maybe you don't, but you can trust me.  :)  I've got a horrible case of never-finishing-things-itis, but I'll make an exception.

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