Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Massive Petropoints Hack

You recall that all my Petropoints got sucked out of my account.  They relayed to 'hasmis@proton.com' in Malaysia and then got a $25 Bay web gift certificate.

I thought they hacked somewhere and got my low-level default password.  But no, further snooping by this reporter reveals that there has been a 'main system' hack.  Apparently, very suspicious people have been walking around trying to redeem points at the local places.  They just have a display on their phones and have something like 3 million points.

Petrocanada wants this to be a big secret, so there is no panic.  The guy beside me said he had 250,000 points.  To be fair, I am assuming that everybody is vulnerable, but maybe pigs can fly, and it's only a few people.  Certainly, the support people act like they never heard of it.

The criminals walking around will have a tough time trying to redeem millions of points on potato chips.  Watch out for them, they are desperate!  :)  And check your points.

OMG!  I don't think they offer enough money to hire service people.  blah...

wow, they can't clear my email from the system, corrupted database probably, couldn't happen to more competent people.  /\   (the mountain of sarcasm)

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