Monday, April 10, 2017

The fun of sewer work

For a long time, I was tracking this project.  They hit quicksand, and counted on pumping to clog up the pores.  Six months later, they have finally reached the sewer.

Their idea is to open the sewer and jack out the old liner with a new one.  But now it appears that the main structure of the old sewer (bricks) is collapsing and jamming the old lining.  They'll never be able to jack in a new one, and they have all those lovely liner pieces hanging around.  The active sewer is now totally open and I died when I walked into the slip stream.  I can imagine bicycle guys zooming along and falling over.  I thought they'd put a tent on and filter through tree roots.  Silly me.  :)  Not going down there now.

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