Monday, April 3, 2017

El Nino is well and truly dead

Whew!  I wait every month for this chart, and the Toronto real estate figures.  Both are interesting, but this one shows the background microwave chatter for satellites.  It's related to how much heat energy is being thrown out by the Earth, which is a sort of dim infra-red light bulb.

El Nino events make the light bulb go brighter for a while.  That's because a lot of warm water is pushed to the poles.  Just ask Chile!  Then it settles, and we should get colder because all our heat went up the chimney.

Supporting this chart is the fact that all our major northern ocean currents are coming back to full strength.  This El Nino event was huge and did a number on them.  We in Toronto had our driest year, maybe on record.  That's been keeping up some slopes I expected to come down by now.  We're starting to get our big rains now.

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