Friday, October 14, 2016

LInux - We need Google Scientists now

I just read that Ammie and Vimware have joined up, putting another nail in the Google cloud services.  So, I am nagging them again to do something original.  I am getting tons of free stuff from Ammie to review, yet nothing from googs.  In fact, they banished me from adscents long ago.

If then want to get ahead they are going to have to give free stuff to their greatest fans.  I'm thinking of some processor time on their cloud.  I would put Linux on it, and run some great analysis programs.  Then I would blog how easy it was and that anybody with money should pay them.  God knows I'd never pay them, I don't pay for anything!  :)

So, Google, get the lead out and do something.

ps.  I can't figure out this new G Spaces thing, as opposed to a collection, so I started one on this, with no members.

pps.  I'm getting a Google home speaker, and all the phones are primed for 'ok google' any time.  So when I say the magic phrase in the kitchen what will happen?  Do they all start talking to each other?

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