Monday, October 17, 2016

Deleting all my collections on google+

Having collections was fun for a while, but my earthquakes collection zoomed to 34,000, and I was having trouble swatting down all the useless comments.  So, another group communication thing is destroyed by spam.  I've been on every one since the beginning of the internet. They all are great for a while, then stupid people find out about it.  I'll maintain the blog for archive purposes, and I'll go to Google spaces for 'disposable' comments.  When you delete a collection, every post goes down the drain.

Google spaces is 'invite only', and is a bit weird right now.  Those who want to be invited have to figure it out, I don't really know how.  :)  I don't even know if 'public' still exists.

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Anonymous said...

I morn all the swirling bits
Peter of the hummin lines/Jack's Lk, and Long Lk cabins