Monday, October 10, 2016

Final Cottage Report

A hot and beautiful Friday, followed by a cold front that froze us.  I enjoy closing on a freezing weekend, it makes me feel like it's time to leave.  Our neighbours gave us a lovely Thanksgiving dinner using the famous giant pizza oven.  It's following the cottage rule -- once you can use it, you don't bother finishing it.  It still has about 20 hours of finishing brickwork left.  Will it be done?

The dogs were the only ones swimming.  They didn't seem to mind the freezing temperatures.  Sunday night, it was well below freezing, but we didn't get snow, as we have many times on this weekend.  I may have caught some fish, but I'm Trumpifying on it because of a tiny mistake of a few days with an early very local season end that nobody knew about.  I never did nothing!

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