Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go Dead Already

According to my son.  It didn't take long for the super-fanatics to hack or buy huge powers.  It's a simple matter of arms escalation.  I remember when the kids went through the 'super soaker' phase.  They all wanted bigger and bigger guns to blast their friends.  Finally, the hose put an end to all that.  :)  Somewhat like the nuclear bomb putting an end to Napoleonic conquest.

A long time ago we first dipped into warcraft.  You come out newly-minted with your pathetic free powers, and the next thing you know you are killed by someone masquerading as a beginner with some invisible super-power right behind them.  You didn't know what hit you.

ps.  the game creators should automatically create something very valuable at the epicentre of every earthquake.  So neat, to have two disasters hit!  :)

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