Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cottage Report - Hot

I came up alone with the dog.  I like it when it's extremely hot with no wind.  Then I can lounge under the dock tent and pretend to fish.  Something reminded me of all the 'rights of passage' with the young folk around the lake.  Everybody's kids get one chance to live the beer commercials.  Then somebody has to clean up the barf, and that's that.

I had mine during Grade 13, which is now 1'st year for the modern kids.  I took up a bunch of friends from our 'Outers Club'.  We went canoeing up to the top lake, and then afterwards had a big party at the cottage.  Somebody had also brought up some really poor cannabis.  All I remember is that one of the girls had alcohol toxicity, and rushed out to go for a midnight skinny dip.  Even in our state of minds, we realized that was a bad idea.  So at the edge of the lake we had to tackled a naked barfing girl, and manhandle her back up to the cottage.  I think that turned me off sex for a whole month.

Now, boys can have their own drinking party.  We picked up floating beer bottles all over the lake for the neighbour's.  And our own son had one with his guy friends, any I wasn't stupid enough to leave them alone.  I came along and had to clean up all the barf.  I think it's the same as letting the young boys smoke their first cigars at the cottage.  A lot of clean-up as well.

Girls have to bring their boyfriends, and have a lot of sex.  However, they are ones to clean up.  The sad life of girl.  :)  The boys they bring along don't learn anything.

By facing this directly, my kids have sworn off this stuff, and are in a position to support me in my old age.  The only thing to get them off this whole alcohol and drugs stuff is letting them clean up the next day, and hiding the ibuprofen.  :)

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