Friday, July 15, 2016

China and my dog

There is so much tragedy in the world, that it's good to have a laugh once in a while.  We can laugh at China having egg on its face with the big defeat at the World Court.  Although the media is hyping anxiety all over the place (that's how they make money), this is one deflated anxiety balloon.

China is like my dog, with warring factions, but in my dog, it's all in her brain.  She barks and puts on a tough show, but all she wants is a treat and a cuddle.  Once you bribe her, she loves you forever.  Here is a top-secret inside China discussion, translated into Dog

"Let's nuke Taiwan."  "Are you kidding, my cousin has a shopping mall there."  (Bark, bark)

"Let's nuke Vancouver."  "No, that's where I plan to retire."  (Bark, where's my treat?)

"Let's really piss off the Americans."  "No, they buy half our stuff" (Whimper, how about a treat?)

"Let's do something".  "You can have nice shiny missiles and big piles of dirt.  It'll keep the Americans happy, with something to do"  (Jump up and down.  Yeah, I get a treat!"

I wrote this because China is now into bribing blog writers (no offers yet).  They can buy the whole South China Sea, at less cost per square foot than Vancouver housing.  This will be the next step.

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