Thursday, July 21, 2016

Physics - El Nino still having a huge effect

This is the MIMIC shot of warm wet air.  If we have a stable thick band at the equator, then the Earth is in maximum insulating mode.  The warm air rises from the hot water, and the heat comes down as rain.  This is physics.  Almost no heat is radiated out into space, and the satellite microwave readings are low.

But the ocean currents are chaotically unstable and do what they want.  The shortest cycle we know is El Nino, but there are longer ones that we don't know about, since we haven't been around that long, and the cycles leave no trace, except for tree rings and other things such as major ice advances, interglacials, and mini versions of the same.

Normally we would expect that the huge heat energy loss to hit us by now, but this thing is lingering forever.  Natural gas futures have zoomed up,along with OK earthquakes, but I don't know if we will have the expected cold winter.  Could be next year before the 'rebound'.

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