Friday, June 10, 2016

Top brains to set up in Oshawa, right by all the truckyards and factories


Can they do it?  I hope they don't set up in a horrible hole like my old company did.  Gone is the day you can attract top people to horrible places.  There must be a nice place in Oshawa.

I find there is huge disconnect between the people dominating the old bureaucracies and the bright young intellectual depressives like I used to be.  At the last (when I left) old company could only hire the bottom third of the bottom third schools.  Any bright people I talked to seemed to wish to blow out their brains, and were in the process of leaving.

Old school bureaucracies were formed for very narrow people.  GM and Coke started it in the 40's, modelled after the successful military.  The people now in charge love it.  But the new young bright people have 'evolved' much too fast for normal generational turn-over.  They can't be told to 'shut up and mind your own beeswax', like the old days.  They are too broad in their interests.

I say to the bright engineers of UofT.  Don't go there!  You will die.  All your mentors are down in Palo Alto.  Follow them to the stars.  :)

For the bottom thirds, this is great job with a pension and union benefits.  Go there.

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