Thursday, June 2, 2016

The current state of El Nino

For those of us near the poles, all of our 'weather' comes from the equator in the form of plumes.  These are generated by N-S ocean currents which are deflected up by land masses.  Without any land (Waterworld!), our air currents would look like Jupiter, without the red spot.

We'd still have seasons and maybe a little water, but the weather would be boring.

This is wet air.  Thank goodness for N-S ocean currents.  They are also responsible for dumping most of our heat energy into space.  When the continents are all together, we're like Jupiter and it gets dino-hot.  As you can see, these guys dominate in the heat.

Now, this gator and a giant grizzly bear shall never meet, so we wouldn't know who'd win.

Back to the title, this El Nino really disrupted out nice weather patterns.

Horrible thing, it dumped all our heat energy into space.  Fortunately it is still hanging around so Toronto is getting nice hot weather without rain.  We'll need rain some day.  When all that heat is gone, I'm thinking we'll get a heck of a winter.  But for now, all the warmists are ignoring this little phenomenon, and have a heyday.

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