Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Oklahoma earthquakes now extend south of OK City

This is great.  I always told these guys to just extend the NE lines up and down.  Trouble is that they are afraid of 'wild catting'.  A dry hole is very expensive, so they stick with what they know.  Nobody down there knows a speck about the Precambrian, but the fracture zones are on very straight lines.

This shows the latest shallow thrust relative to the city.  It was only an m2.8 but with an intensity 4, which is quite something.  Now I have a whole new audience for my accelerometers, if any of them went with Science.  Unfortunately, they are all white-backlash fundamentalist Trump supporters.  :)

And this shows the new zone opening up.  They got rid of anybody intelligent in the OK geological survey, and the busgus is shivering in its boots over the Trump thing.  So everybody has the green light to go.  The shallow thrusts are the first things.  Then the zone will get bigger and we'll get the deep ones.  Once it is done, the M7 can zip right through the city.

ps. right after this earthquake there was a deep m3 right underneath it.  The deep earthquakes have begun.

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