Thursday, June 30, 2016

Poor Britain joins Japan and Quebec


Poor Britain, now it just becomes a tourist destination.  I don't know if I want to visit it again, though.

Dear Canada,

Now is the time for action.  All those ads to Americans to flee Trump should now be focused on Britain.  They're stuck with Trumpism now.  Soon the brownshirts will come out beating up anybody who is brown***.  We'll take gays as well.

These islands of tribalism don't realize that the future wealth is in brains, not ageing factories.  Britain had a spurt with the Raspberry Pi, but those people can come here.  You'll never get your green card in Trumpland.  

Most of all, I want the brains of the traders of London, the last brains in Britain.  Nobody will touch a 'purist' island.  Frankfurt will suck up fading Europe trades while all those countries go Trumpist.  We expect France to go next.  

Toronto house prices will double again, but, really, it would be better for the country if decaying Montreal took the traders.  They need something to use up their empty housing.  They have room for 600,000 brains who left the place.  Unfortunately they would have to abandon tribalism and put up "We love English" signs, (English first).  Never going to happen.  Quebec will just have to go on being the brains 'Farm Team' for the rest of us.

**Dear Humourless Quebekies, if you can translate this, please realize it is satire and do not kill me.

*** I wrote this before I read that the Mo-real police are already doing this in  Nelson Mandela Square.

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