Monday, July 20, 2015

Oklahoma starts a border war with Kansas featuring the latest earthquake weapons

All the states hate each other.  They'd be shooting but for the damn Feds who control the army.  All the states have is the puny National Guard, which is only good for shooting protesters. You can see this in their geological maps which end at the border, and make no effort whatsoever to splice with the enemy.  In fact, when we needed a magnetic survey we gave up on New York and Pennsylvania meeting, so we flew our own plane without telling anyone.

Okay, it's sort of a geological war, but it's intense.  Look at the latest earthquakes.

Twin 4's aimed at Kansas.  The weapons misfired a bit, since they were felt all over, but had they been large strike-slip, all that energy would have blasted Wichita.  And there would have been no press in OK City.

They're lining up all the wells along the border, and getting the good stuff from the East.  What are the Kansas weenies going to do?  Cry to the busgus?  Those guys only get off their tanning beds for something important, and Kansas isn't it.  Besides, none of them want to be known as the 'Eastern Earthquake Guy', because that's exile to Oklahoma City.  So they write the play 'All the World is California', so they can zoom in, plop a little wisdom, and fly out.  "We are all California earthquake experts!"

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