Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oklahoma earthquake damage confirmed


I finally found the damage!  Ok people, this was an M5, you're fooling yourself with M4.5.  It was also a true Intensity 7, with the structural damage.  The busgus got rid of that report, and said it was 6.

Note the ceiling tile damage.  The network cable was a huge weight, and these things are never tied.  Duck and cover for sure.  Had this been a thrust, I shudder to think.

Addendum:  I'm thinking this is 10 cm/s PGV on firm ground, since I don't think OK has saturated swamp.  A true M5 in the East.

PS. no more Austin Holland to kick around any more.  He's gone. Here's what I wrote in g+

Ode to Austin

Standing in front,
Rotten tomatoes thrown,
He states it's all natural,
But inside he cries.

I hope he has a good job now, joining the busgus.  He probably has a contract that says he never has to go into that crazy state.  

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