Saturday, July 18, 2015

El Nino coming in its full glory!

Did this already in g+, but I have to hit the blog.

If you look at this link, you can get this picture.  You have to click in once more to get the animation.

It shows a full reversal of the hot water, streaming back to North America, and spilling over to Japan.  Note that Australia gets sucked dry.  Hope they have water stored up.  This reflects in the new moist air currents:

Now we must note that these clouds are the maximum insulators that the earth can have.  In other words, we cannot turn into a Venus, but it can only go as hot as the equator.  Big deal to millions living there.  All the heat that escapes back to space has to spill out from this band.  The band is really wacked out now because of the reversal.  California is going to be one big mud slide.  Who knows what happens to Canada.

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