Monday, July 27, 2015

Large Oklahoma earthquake - M4.5 to M5.1

Europe reported it as an M5.1, I waited 'forever' for the USGS report.  I thought it was a phantom earthquake, but it probably clipped all their seismometers.

Here's the felt area.

This gives an intensity 7 at the zero zone.  I can't wait to read what that was.  I hope it was chimneys!  I love chimneys.  :)   This was a 'normal' or tension earthquake.  Had it been an M5 thrust, for which I've been waiting a year now, it would have lifted all those seismometers off the ground.  There are no strong motion instruments out there, so we can't get a record PGV.

This leads to an essay that I was just about to write.  I just glanced at a book that was all hot on scientific corruption with the title about Gallieo giving the finger.  She was going on about that this was a serious problem.  Is it any worse than in Newton's time?  Of course not.  Scientific corruption, such as the busgus, or my old company, is something to laugh at.  Add in Climate Science.  All these guys go against basic physics and look silly when they have to apply it something.  Sure they suck off money, but so does everything else.

Look at OK.  The busgus seagull flies in and does a poop on the head.  They have never looked at Eastern Seismicity in their lives, and decide it's pressure.  Reduce the pressure and the earthquakes go up.  It's hilarious.

We used to have nothing but 3's all the time, then nothing but 4's.  Now the 5's are coming in.  Rots of ruck.


Ok, here we have the puny M4 coming in to Ontario Polaris

You can see just at the end of the trace, uniform on all stations.

And here's the big one.

Dat's a big sucka!  You get a sense of exponentials here, and I'm happier with an M5.1 rather than the M4.5.  But Say La Vee.

Add2:  Lots of activity around this area, which is unusual, since a big earthquake usually quenches for a while.  They must be injecting the good stuff, since the increase in magnitude is an Arkansas rate.

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