Friday, August 31, 2012

Philippine earthquake M7.6

Another earthquake in a beautiful tectonic zone.  This subduction zone is quite curved, so I wonder if it can rip a full M9 (at least an 8.5).  Anyway, this was a deep thrust earthquake in the oceanic crust.  They say they 'normally' get normal faults in this zone, since we would expect a pull by the old, cold, basalt.  But if there's enough action, there could be a push, which is what this earthquake is saying.

The oceanic crust is weak, so we can't get much PGV, and it's too small for oceanic disturbances.  The things that fell down must have been on the verge of collapse.

Once again, be on your toes for the next few days, 10% chance of something bigger.

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