Monday, August 13, 2012

Global Warming Makes it Warmer


I just like the frog!

Here is my Annual Global Warming Report.

We 'purists' are relieved that the semantics have changed.  Gone is the concept of explosive exponential temperature rise, and CO2 has died a quiet death.  Now it is 'Human Activity'.  Who can argue against the physics of that?

In Canada it is getting warmer, as we enter another interglacial warming period.  It is a linear rise since 1860, and I'm sure we humans are somehow to blame (good Mother-induced guilt), and not the frogs.  For Canadians, do we want a return to the end of the last cooling period in the 1820's?  The temperature was always a brisk -40, and the snow didn't stop for 6 months.  All the poor farmers got frozen out.

I am enjoying the warmth, and will continue to buy hybrid cars.  The environment is saved by the fact that my snowblower isn't being used.  :)  Our gas taxes are high, and the US could go a bit in that direction, since burning fossil fuels (think diesel particulates!) is bad for everybody.  Snowbirds should give up on Florida, that burning wasteland.  :)

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