Saturday, August 11, 2012

Once again US courts kill new nuclear


The appeals court found that spent nuclear fuel rods stored on site at power plants "pose a dangerous, long-term health and environmental risk." The NRC fought for decades to build a national waste storage site at Yucca Mountain in the Nevada desert, but that plan was scrapped two years ago by the Obama administration.

Wow, once again the US courts have shown that they will rule on anything any time.  This kills new nuclear for now until they can do something, since you can't get around such a broad statement.  Each such delay adds another billion to the cost.

But in reality, I knew that killing Yuk-yuk Mountain would eventually have an effect.  I mean, you can't live in La-La Land forever, saying that rusty barrels on the shores of urban rivers are safe for all time.  And earthquakes make a hash of pool storage.  The US used fuel is much hotter and more dangerous than Candu fuel, due to the enrichment, and must live in pools longer.

All this makes new AP1000's cheaper for us!

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