Friday, August 10, 2012

Cottage week ends

After a horrible drought, we got 'rained' back home.  Really, after 2 days of rain, you get cabin fever.  But the drought is over, along with the fire ban, so we did some burning.  The swamps will never fill up until next spring.

So, just north of us there was a little forest fire.  We first noticed things when giant turbo twin otters flew over us.  Then they dipped into out lake, filling up their pontoon tanks.  These are magnificent water bombers.  There were 3 of them, and they kept it up on a short cycle for about 2 hours.  They could only use our section of the lake because there was a stiff SE gale, and we have a low exit out of the lake. They would come in, fill up, and barely make it out.  Tremendous power, only the gov't can afford these things, but I think it was very cost effective to nip it in the bud.  Fire was in the middle of nowhere, and a lightning strike, but it took that wind to fan it up.  2-4 acres.

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