Thursday, November 24, 2011

Site of next injection earthquake?

I have some hope for this site in Texas (with the fresh red earthquake).  It's just down the megathrust from OK, so it's a good site.  People don't realize that it is a risky thing to drill an injection well when you don't know a thing about the Precambrian basement.  Between the megathrusts you have very high stresses (like the Niagara Tunnel!), and you can't inject a drop.  Many such wells have been abandoned.  But if you hit the active hanging wall of the megathrust, water goes in like a sieve.  Soon, many more injection wells are joining you for the party.

Just like Arkansas, OK and the rest, I have great faith that they will continue to inject until they get a big earthquake.  Since this is in the middle of nowhere, I hope they break the record!

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