Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nobody needs earthquake insurance


There's a big discussion in OK right now about earthquake insurance.  The case for EI revolves around the speculation whether the feds will turn on the taps after an earthquake.  Many people have been arguing that California and others won't see a penny, mainly because Katrina was so screwed up.

Well, the answer is "Yes Virginia, you will see generous near-zero loans for any damage you make up, and they will most likely forget who you are, being gov't and all."

Unlike tightwad insurance companies who probably demand proof of damage and repairs, this is like winning the lottery.  I leave it as an exercise on what people will do with the money.

So, in the US, don't get earthquake insurance!  The more you are damaged, the more you win!

ps.  I am totally at a loss if someone argues that political bailout money is tightly controlled.  I'll just give up and apologize for my horrible inference.  :)

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