Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Perils of a Tiny Nuclear Company


For instance, the SEC alleges the scheme included having Ransom and an Idaho lawyer, Brian Webb, sell their AEHI stock for the benefit of Gillispie.
But Gillispie contends proceeds from those stock sales were intended for bona fide transactions, with Webb buying Gillispie's 2007 Lexus Hybrid and Ransom repaying $200,000 to Gillispie for two loans and for property he bought for Ransom's sister, whose house had been destroyed in a fire.

We should be kind to tiny nuclear companies.  We should remember that when the only bidders left for AECL work out of their cars!  Why can't they finance a multi-billion dollar plant?  I'm sure Ontario is willing to buy from anybody who says he'll save 17,000 jobs, right after he gets back from Bermuda!

I think it's time for an Open Source Nuclear Plant.  :)

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crf said...

There's a bad joke about cloud computing in this somewhere.