Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, I got a note right now from an eager young person on whether I ever heard of Nanometrics.  Hell ya!  I made that company!  Now that I'm old and retired, with a hugely successful blog :), I don't even get a Christmas card.  They are one of my 2 most favourite Canadian companies (Lovat was bought out by a big American concern), but they are cheap!  (probably Scottish roots!).  Yes, I believe a got a free beer once.

I want everybody to click on their site once, and then don't look at their stuff!  Ha, a Christmas card from Crazy Harold!

As always I can be bought.  A little boost to my wine list, I could put on an ad, I could be a shill, I could do a famous youtube video of their dreary Kanata office.  Any I don't want any of that Kanata wine -- it's hogswill!

Well, anyway, they are trying to pick my brain for free, but I don't have any interest in what they are developing, which is probably very neat, but don't look at it!

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Harold Asmis said...

Oh dear, I don't think the humourless got my humour here. It's a great seismometer company, and I was trying to get them a bump of hits....