Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here are some interesting articles in the new BSSA  that somebody else can write about.

A Revised Earthquake Chronology for the last 4,000 Years Inferred from Varve-Bounded Debris-Flow Deposits beneath an Inlet near Victoria, British Columbia 
Andrée Blais-Stevens, Garry C. Rogers, and John J. Clague 

Effects of Seismicity Models and New Ground-Motion Prediction Equations on Seismic Hazard Assessment for Four Canadian Cities 
Gail M. Atkinson and Katsuichiro Goda 

Probabilistic Liquefaction Hazard Analysis for Four Canadian Cities 
Katsuichiro Goda, Gail M. Atkinson, Jim A. Hunter, Heather Crow, and Dariush Motazedian 

Near-Field Across-Fault Seismic Ground Motions 
Douglas Dreger, Gabriel Hurtado, Anil Chopra, and Shawn Larsen 

Nonlinear Site Response in Medium Magnitude Earthquakes near Parkfield, California 
Justin L. Rubinstein 

Ground-Motion Attenuation at Short Hypocentral Distances (<30 km) near Sudbury, Ontario 
Gail M. Atkinson, Nadia Kraeva, and Karen Assatourians 


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