Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nobody Wants AECL


The Conservative government’s efforts to sell off Canada’s nuclear power agency secretly collapsed this week after the most likely buyer walked away from the negotiating table.

That's it, end of story.  The dream of finding a deep-pockets buyer for the black hole has ended.  I wonder what will happen now.  Will the unions continue to say that this tarnished heap is a 'Crown Jewel'?  What are the consequences if they just declared bankruptcy?

Most likely it will just continue forever as a gov't supported 'Zombie Corporation', like those in the world which can't shut down because of all the people to be let go.  It then becomes the world's most expensive welfare system.

What will poor Ontario do?  I'm sure they'll maintain the fiction that the zombie is alive until after the election.  The Liberals want to show that they are doing something, and the Conservatives want to show that they will be more aggressive in building nuclear, but don't want the flack of having to buy from Korea!

So here's to zombies!  Long may they live!

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