Monday, January 24, 2011

Ancient Permian Extinction Immediately Linked to Modern Global Warming


The Earth was already heating up at the time, suffocating its oceans because of decreasing oxygen levels, the researchers suggest.

What a story!  This is exactly what is happening now!  NOT!  As beaten to death in my earlier writings, the world was jamming all the continents together, and the oceans were boiling.  Would a thin layer of coal make a difference to a huge volcanic eruption that was feeding on deep subducted carbon-rich oceanic sediments?  Nope.

The big thermal blanket of continents baked the deep crust and all that carbon and water spewed out.  The cool climate creatures all died or diminished, and the hot-lovers came out to play.  The earth's atmosphere went high carbon, high water, high oxygen and everything was a steam bath.  The plants loved it!  Finally, the crust overbaked and started to separate again.  Thus, the end of our wonderful steam bath, and the dinos left us.

The point being that these forcing functions were billions of times greater than anything happening today.  Even the great ice ages had nothing on this.  And here we are, using this as an example of what will happen to us with a little co2.....

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