Sunday, October 19, 2008

Closed Up Fishing and the Cottage

No more fishing for The Fish, until Spring. This week I went up and down to the cottage a couple of times, and finally closed it. For those from more tropical climes, it means shutting down the water system for The Big Freeze! I don't go up in the Winter, since I've got better things to do than freezing to death.

All the canoes and such get hauled up, and the marina puts away the big boat. I've got a new gorgeous steel roof, and it doesn't go PLINKY-PLINKY in the rain! I was once caught under a tin-roof picnic shelter during a long, horrendous rain, and my brain turned to mush with all the noise! These new roofs are designed not to ring.

We've had a glorious Fall, and the colours have been fantastic. Not that many reds, because all the rain in the Summer, but lots of oranges and yellows. During the week, I was in the sauna, and decided to get hot and jump in the lake for one last time. BIG MISTAKE! All the heat didn't make one bit of difference to the feeling that all my skin was peeling off! I didn't do that again!

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Harold Asmis said...

Funny results with Google Ads

On the wedding weekend, I plied a lot of relatives with tons of booze, so that they would promise to click on my ads. The first few clicks of the one relative that did it, was worth a lot of money. Now they aren't worth anything.

Another problem is that the same stupid ad always appears. You can get new ads by doing a search on 'nail guns' in the custom search block.