Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nuclear power - only we bloggers trusted

Apparently, only a few of us scientist-bloggers are trusted to the tell the truth about nuclear power. This is only in Britain, where they don't listen to everything Gordon Brown has to say. Over here in Canada, we believe everything the big guys have to say.

What the people don't realize, is that when the big guys realize that bloggers are listened to (not happening yet!!), we bloggers will receive lots of money under the table. I'm waiting, since I'm still at $1.07 on my ad revenue.....

Meanwhile, in Canada, there is nothing much to report on the nuclear front. They couldn't move any slower if they wanted to! I am convinced that people around the world are making money, just on the say-so of putting up a nuclear plant.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I missed your take on the issue of nuke power.

Are ye Fer it er agin it?

If u have a faq or prvious post with the answer please advise.

Personally I can't see a better short term base load alternative assuming the waste repository issue is resolved soon.

Deep Canadian shield granite u say?

Harold Asmis said...

I'm never that clear on the issue. I think nuclear power is essential. I'm just against the cultist, secretive way it's being handled. It should be a much more open and intelligent process.

As for nuclear waste, I think it can be safely disposed of, but current approaches are rather clueless, in the extreme. Just because the whole nuclear business is being handled badly, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done...