Monday, July 16, 2007

Japan quake hits nuclear plant

I'm only doing this news story because quakes and nuclear plants are my 'raisin eater'. Big earthquake in Japan causes lots of damage and a fire in a huge nuclear plant. Of course, as with any nuclear plant, we'll never hear the actual details. There's always this huge blanket thrown over operational stupidity. Just like the Pickering 'problems' with the backup power, and the time they released 10 million resin beads into the system. Do you ever hear what caused these things? Can you imagine something 'Beyond Dilbert'?

But I'm not the one to kiss and tell. Still, I've seen nuclear plants that are tremendously susceptible to fires after earthquakes. Mostly electrical, with the big transformers which are the worst things in the world for earthquakes. The general tendency is to have a big whooshing fire dousing system that makes an awful mess, rather than doing something to correct the problem.

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