Wednesday, February 17, 2010

People Yammer about Darlington Cost


The story is simple. The operation gorillas prematurely ran down Darlington, by not taking care of the fuel vibration problem. Now, they replace the whole thing for 8 billion. They still have the water laser problem which will destroy the plant early, once again, but what the hey!

The ndp want an exact cost. What a bunch of whiners! Do we have an exact cost of the Niagara Tunnel? Do we have exact costs of anything? You've got to realize that if nuclear craps out, then everybody in NA will go back to natural gas, and the so-called surplus will evaporate.

So, hold your nose and fix Darlington. Price future electricity at scarcity levels, and it will seem cheap, no matter how many parties my old buddies have!

But I do find it funny that there is no room at Darlington for all the rusty barrels that will be necessary to store the tubes and heat exchangers. Like Pickering, they'll fill up a huge area of big barrels on wobbly stilts. Ha! No new nuclear station! You could take all the waste to Wesleyville, but wouldn't that be a hoot, since the backwater boys don't want nothing!

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