Monday, February 1, 2010

Jobs and the Maxi-Pad


Ok, here's where I venture into things I know nothing about, just to improve the quality of my ads. :) My only experience are my ridiculously wired university kids, and my years of Linux experience.

Jobs is of course reacting to the release of Google's Nexus One, which has apparently angered him by being fairly cool, and by actually having a decent reception - unlike a certain iPad.

All I'm saying is that I just love this stuff. Could Jobs be going the way of all aging brains? (ie. holding on too long). Will the good citizens of Toronto be walking in front of streetcars while texting on this thing? I think the lack of multi-tasking will kill it, because with that screen real estate, my kids would be wanting to watch 24, while looking up Wikipedia, and texting their friends that the show made a factual error, all while attending a lecture!

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