Saturday, July 14, 2007

Solid as a Rock

I would think that if we are all to be roasted alive by Global Gorming, then the guy would be decent enough to throw in some nice hot cottage summers! Here it is, another cold rainy day in July, and no fishing!

I've always been a rock lover. I guess it comes from the cottage. We have this steep vertical cliff, where the ravens like to have nests, and you can just tell that the rock is anchored down to the Moho. There's something about anchored rock. Most rock isn't truly connected to the earth, even the surface granite. When you put seismometers on it, you can tell that it is delaminated, somewhat detached. True solid rock has a feel to it. If I were to ascribe scientific terms (rather than mystical!), I would think that it has something to do with the general noise field that we can feel with our eyes closed. Solid rock does not echo and resonate with a hollow sound. As well, the rock has thermal conductivity (no gaps) so you can feel that it is cooler with your facial infra-red sensors.

The ancient Incas knew and revered 'true' rock. I was down in Peru, when I saw the most amazing Inca rock wall. Made of pure basalt, it was known to have no mortar, and perfect joints. I felt that I was up against true rock! Those guys knew what they were doing!

I've seen a lot of crap rock! Those of us in rock mechanics wouldn't have a job without it. The most crappy rock I ever saw was up at the Bruce. We put a tunnel through it, and used (literally) trainloads of grout. Even that wasn't enough when we hit a giant cavern! We backed off the tunnel and cut a dogleg to go around it. It's a good thing that water intake tunnel never had to be waterproof!

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