Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fish of Summer

Even though I have to cope with a dial-up line, and I don't have a clue what is happening in the world, I have to tell this fish story.

We finally had time to go up to the back lakes. We had the daughter, a friend, the better half, and the dog (and me!). This lake is 2 portages, and a paddle through a bog that is so lovely, that it is one reason the whole place became a park. The dog goes wild, and runs on the bog. The girls walked over the squishy floating bog, as well. One has to be careful not to jump on the low spots, or you'll sink up to your neck! This bog has the most lovely pitcher plants and sundew.

The lake wasn't the best fishing, mainly because the weather was so hot and sunny. I only got some babies, but all the girls each caught a big one. Naddy's friend was bringing in our fourth big fish, when it swam beside the huge snapping turtle that was stalking us. SNAP! I was pulling up a fish with this huge turtle head around the middle. We went for the better part of valour, snapped the line, and let the turtle have the fish!

The fish were great on the bbq, and I've had my fill of bass for the season. It's still beautiful tonight, with a light breeze.


monado said...

Wow! I hope that the hook didn't give the turtle indigestion? How big was it? I've seen a couple with one-foot-long shells, including one in a city park in Markham (or was it Unionville?), a female out looking for a place to lay eggs, I think.

Harold Asmis said...

I believe this turtle has a shell diameter of 2 feet, and the head like a small tree stump. The claws and paws were like my hand and fingers. I have now found out that this guy (nicknamed Jaws) is a notorious fish stealer!

monado said...

Well, if you're so considerate as to slow down the fish for him, what can he do?