Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Copocalypse Ruins our July

Geez, we are back to Canada's two seasons - Winter and July, but the Copocalypse is biting into our warm month.

Look at that mess!  With Pacific completely dead, the warm Pacific air can't penetrate through Alaska.  We are now getting our NW air directly from Siberia.  Europe is benefiting from a low Gulf Stream air plume going right over it, so they can believe in warming a bit longer than the rest of us.  Soon the Arctic Vortex will descend on them, as well.

So  now, the polar bears won't have to move to the cities like the Zombie Apocalypse and start eating humans, like the warmie stories tell us.  My relatives just moved up to the far North (Huntsville) so they can enjoy our new climate, without hungry white bears.

Somewhat related, the buyers of natural gas futures have jumped on the coldology bandwagon, and moved up the prices.  This has brought the Oklahoma seismic rate to close to Spring's one m4 a day.  There is now a chance for real blockbuster before the season ends.

ps.  picking raspberries while freezing is new one for me.  :)

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