Monday, July 3, 2017

Nifty crossbow toys banned in China

Ah, let's lament the great crossbow toothpick shooter.  This was the biggest fad since the fidget spinner, and was all over China.  Until the pampered only-child boys started killing each other.  Seems you could easily substitute a finishing nail.

I read the article on the Guardian and immediately put in an order for one, before Canada could ban them.  Look out red squirrels!  The one I ordered was a friggin compound bow, twice the power of a single bow.  Alas, China banned the things before the order could get out.  Drat, who da thunk it?

Now we need a spinning disk shooter where you can substitute a sharpened quarter.  Look out squirrels!

ps.  I have never actually hit the stupid things, but I've gotten close enough to keep them from digging into my cottage.  One look at my beady eyes and they run.  :)

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