Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Oklahoma earthquakes now at an intense rate

This chart is better than a groundhog in predicting cold weather.  Actually, they all read me, and know of the Cold Apocalypse, or Copocalypse.  Anyway, Oklahoma just had 2 m4 earthquakes, and it looks like I can call the rate at 2 m4's a day, or an m5 every few days.  This doubles the rate in Spring, and we'll get an m6 every month.

A reminder of the physics.  What they used to inject, deep salt water, has no effect on earthquakes.  It's the corrosive fresh water that causes earthquakes.  When the seismic rate goes up, I look at this chart.  It's a perfect correlation, with physics even!  Much better than spurious correlations.  When the future price of natgas goes up, they start fracking like mad, and they send all the frack waste to Oklahoma.  Whenever the states try to inject it themselves, they get earthquakes, and stop.  Go figure.

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