Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Arctic Ice Volume Goes Low

Ding, dong the Arctic ice is dead!

I've been watching the Gulf Stream for the past few months.  The main equatorial feed has been cut off, and it is cast adrift in the Atlantic.  Tell Europe about it!  They are freezing.  However, this has been causing the hot air plumes to flood the Arctic.

The weather in Toronto has been dominated by the weak North Pacific current, and we are getting weather from the straight west.  Gone are our prevailing NW winds.  The pine trees up north will have to rotate.

Rotate away from the West!

We get our ice ages when the NS ocean currents completely fail.  But not to fear, we are still in an Interglacial, and it should get warmer.  Nothing to do with carbon.

In the short term, however, we should be getting a cold decade.  The recent monster El Nino shoved a lot of heat off the Earth, and we Canadians will suffer for it, eventually.  But not this day!

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