Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Finite Amount of Water Vapour - Part 2

The classic picture is missing subduction, which takes away an enormous amount of water, and stashes it away like a chipmunk.  In fact, the total amount of water put away may exceed our existing water, but the uncertainties are huge.  Now, my bright SK grand-nephew, who appreciates physics more than any gormist, would ask:  'Given the chaotic nature of geology, wouldn't there be geological epochs where all the surface water gets sucked up, and all life ceases?'  (He wouldn't really say that, he'd say 'I like robots!'.  :)

In fact, Tyler, I write all these things for you.  After this era of mass stupidity ends, you will have to go back to the Scientific Method, to pick up all the pieces.  I blame the Internet and email.  :)

Yes, Tyler, just looking at energies involved, we could say that all the water could get sucked up, and stored underground, like Mars.  But it has never happened and never will.  There's some marvellous physics involved.

-to be continued, I'm getting tired, and future generations can't give me any encouragement, although Tyler thinks I'm a god.  :)

AW SNAP!  Applying physics to climate has activated my depression.  No more posts of any sort for a while.

I'm okay again.  :)

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