Monday, December 12, 2016

The Kirkian Hacking of Amazon

First Hypothesis - Holding.   That Ammie does not employ anybody anymore after the big accusations of Putinism for management (The New Nasti-ism).  Especially in Canada, where they would have to be nice, and pay severance and maternity leave, stuff like that.

New Hypothesis.  I'm getting increasingly frantic bot-mail that I'm getting a refund for the item that I did not receive.  I have a horrible vision that I will see 10 refunds and it will be impossible to return it.  This has led me to think of the Original Star Trek, where Captain Kirk always took over computers by talking non-sequiturs, that made the computer smoke and blabber "Does not compute!".

So, the hypothesis is that you can hack into Amazon just by sending messages to their bots.  Instead of smoke, you will get a message "Full Root Access Granted".  Naturally, I'm not going to do this, because it's too much work, but eager beavers could give it a try.  :)

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