Monday, December 5, 2016

Google becomes a hate propaganda publisher


We should charge Google with hate-pushing, but they can do what they want in the US.  Actually, I've just said all this just to get their attention.  They react quickly to news articles, so they should set up a bunch of Google Stars, just like their Maps Guides.  I'm willing to do it as long as Sergey takes up my suggestion of Google Scientists.  He's putting millions into big parties for 80 year olds, how about something that will work?

It's kind of neat how everybody fools Googs.  All the people selling phoney stuff put up a huge number of phoney sites such as "This stuff sucks', and if you do a search, all you get on the first page are the pages with the misleading headlines.  And every web site now has ads for 'click bait'.  And my wife asks me for the umpteenth time when I'm falling asleep  -- "Can you have a virus on Android?" because she's looking at FB, and it always flashes 'You have a virus!"

This is just the Internet.  All the stupid people have gone on now, and the media is whining about how they are misled, and it's goog's job to de-stupidfy them.  Can't happen.  The previous (and now dead) newspapers did a sterling job in presenting the 'truth' like gorming.  Ha!

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