Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Canada does well on Science


Yeah Canada!  We rule Palo Alto for creating wealth for trumpies.  We're stinky on business, so all the bright ones have to go to California.  But why is that?  We have to get into the physics, or fundamental forces at play.

Nearly all science and engineering talent has come from the second generation (children of immigrants).  Lots of exceptions, but I cry 'Trumpies!'.  Horrible weather must have something to do with it, as well, since Finland is high, and nobody wants to go there.

Third generation (and beyond) all want to become corporate lawyers, or go into the horrible Canadian banking industry.  There, they choke the life out of the country.

Australia has almost no immigration, and good weather.  Pity.  The US will go all trumpy and start to fail, and Canada will own California.  :)

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