Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oklahoma earthquake weekly summary

Since the season began at the beginning of May, OK has been maintaining 3 m3's a day, using a single digit precision which I think is good enough.  Every weekend it has had an m4, which gives a ratio of about 20 to one, of 3's to 4's.  OK is astounding in how slow it builds up, and the ratio between magnitudes of 20.  In many other places, the ratio is 10.

They also rate the 'intensity' for each earthquake by reports people send in.  We generally have a doubling of PGV for each intensity unit.  These units go up and down by 2 or 3 depending on the depth of the earthquake and its type, related to magnitude.

The end of the season is usually December.  That's when the gas frack water starts to freeze.  If the earthquakes were caused by 'produced water' which is deep salt water, there would be no season.  As with last year, we should expect a 5, or maybe a 6 by December.  Like previous years, if the 6 is deep and 'normal' nobody will feel it much.  But if the 6 comes in as a shallow thrust near the City, then watch out!

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