Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Geotechnical Engineering #12

I put this on the main blog, instead of just my geotechnical collection because it is so hilarious.  Remember calculus on how long it takes to empty a bucket with a hole in it?  This is much worse as they try to empty a permeable pit below the river level.  You can hear one guy saying that they should get another gravel silt bag to block things up.  They must want to pour a concrete foundation, but you can do that underwater with a pipe.  Or use epoxy concrete.  You can only empty a pit under the river level if you use a coffer dam, which is horrible to install.

Addendum, the day after.  The job may be shut down, or they are taking a holiday.  Usually they just rearrange the dirt.  In my day, the Ministry of Labour had some hard-core geotech people.  That's why you see all those heavy walls for trench work.  But then then they relocated to some place horrible and lost the talent.  The ghosts of these guys shudder at the concept of working in a permeable pit with the slope unravelling above.

Personally, I shudder to think that somebody important actually reads this crap.  :)  /\

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