Sunday, January 19, 2014

Polar vortex and California drought

A very weird year in the weather.  My cold summer and very cold winter was 'caused' by the polar vortex, and whatever causes that (not soda pop!).  The equatorial warm and wet zone has been compressed to a very narrow zone, and it strives mightily to send out plumes of warm air.  Perhaps because of kinks in the vortex, it has only been sending out plumes at specific places (could also be an oceanic influence).

Thus, hurricanes have all been sent away to Britain, and the mid-Pacific has sent up plumes that hit the West with snow.  The Gulf of Mexico is also powerful enough to send us ice storms.

Between these plume generators it is totally dead and dry.  California is parched, along with most of the US SW.  This pattern should break eventually, which might give me a warm summer, and California some rain.

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